Orient School District

374 4th Ave.


The Orient School District is an active partnership of students, parents, staff
and community members who are committed to the academic achievement and social well - being of every child.

Beliefs Statement:

We believe parental and community support and involvement are critical to the success of children.

We believe that parents are the primary influence on children’s education and that education should supplement, not supplant, family values.

We believe we must maintain the traditional strengths of Orient (such as the sense of community) while incorporating our changing and diverse world.

We believe Orient School has and must maintain a caring and competent staff.

We believe we must teach civic values and responsibility.

We believe all children must have equal opportunity to learn through teaching to different learning styles and intelligences.

We believe all members of our learning community, students, staff and community members, have the right to be respected and cared for in order to develop good self-esteem.

We believe school should be a positive experience.

We believe that true education consists of balanced learning, including the traditional classroom, field trips and extracurricular activities.

We believe that children are a precious resource we must prepare for the future.

We believe all children have the right to have, and the responsibility to maintain, a secure, loving, emotionally safe and comfortable learning environment.

We believe communication between students, staff, parents and community is essential.

We believe learning leads to growth and change and that there is something positive to be learned in any situation.

We believe open-mindedness leads to creativity.

We believe all of us (children, parents, community and staff) make a difference.