Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church

203 Vaughn Drive

On behalf of our parish staff, our parish council and our parish family, welcome to Our Lady of the Lake online!

We are a small Catholic community that has an abundance of visitors for the weekend Masses. We have a welcoming, warm community of people who pray and sing, pray, praise, and thank the Lord in a participating manner. We have a parish school of religion for all children and teens. Our adults are invited to faith-experienced programs and events throughout the year. Developing a lifestyle that reflects Christ requires a lifetime of continual growth. You are invited to join us in personal involvement as we travel the path of our faith journey. May we be persistent in trying to do more than we are currently doing to follow Christ's teachings. There are so many opportunities for our ongoing conversion to Christ through parish projects and activities in the full spectrum of Catholic Christian life. We need you to respond by sharing your God-given gifts, empowered by the Holy Spirit, with our parish family.

Please feel free to browse and explore our parish web site.  If you should need to contact us for any reason, we are always ready and willing to assist you in any way.  May God bless you!