Papa John's Christmas Tree Farm

Papa John's Christmas Tree Farm
6980 Flat Creek Road

Choose & Cut Tree Varieties: Blue Ice, Carolina Sapphire, Eastern Red Cedar, Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pine, White Pine

Additional Pre-Cut Varieties Available: Fraser Fir,

Farm Features: Trees with roots available for replanting, Fresh Wreaths

More About Us: The inspiration of our farm was the late John B. Faile, a retired school teacher lovingly called "Papa John" by his grandchildren. His legacy and Christian spirit remain with us today. Unfortunately, he passed away before the farm was officially opened in 1989 by Jack and John Mangum. The current owner of the farm is his grandson, John Mangum. The farm offers approximately 40 acres of a variety of beautiful trees to choose from ranging from 5ft-15ft. We offer 5 varieties of wreaths which are hand-made on the farm. Services also include tree stands, saws for cutting your trees (or staff provided who will cut the tree for you) and services which allow our staff to retrieve the tree for you for shaking and bailing and then tying the tree to your vehicle for easy transport. Restrooms are also provided. As we celebrate with you the true meaning of Christmas, let us all be ever mindful that the greatest gift ever given to us was given on a tree. May the love, joy and peace we enjoy as Christians be with you not only at Christmas but throughout the year. Merry Christmas .