Park Hall True Holiness Church

47690 Park Hall Road

The House of God The Gate of Heaven Mission No. 2 Park Hall Post Office, St. Mary’s County was established September 1954 by Elder John Clifton, Elder Joshua James, and Elder Leroy James.

We started out on the above date without any members.

During the month of December 1954 we were blessed with our first member namely Sister Rebecca Brooks who held on to the faith and abode in true holiness even though there were many obstacles in her way.  

Our first service was held in the Morning Glory Club Hall with a very wonderful spirit filled service, with many at the Alter seeking salvation.

There was no sexton and the Pastor Elder John Clifton performed many extra duties other than delivering the Words of truth, such as cutting wood for fuel, cleaning the hall, etc.

In the year of 1955 the church began to grow.  Brother Jesse Dove became the second member, followed by Sister Helen Dove and Brother Lewis Brooks who was also our first Deacon.

All church furniture was purchased by the Pastor Elder John Clifton and his wonderful wife Sister Hattie Clifton who has worked and continued to work side by side with him .