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Patterson Park Audubon Center

Patterson Park Audubon Center
2901 East Baltimore Street

Patterson Park Audubon Center, Baltimore's only Audubon Center, is part of Audubon Maryland-DC and has been actively involved in this Baltimore community since 2002, leading education programs with schools, recreation centers, and after-school programs in Patterson Park. Educators also offer activities for families including urban bird watching walks, wildlife gardening workshops, environmental stewardship, Tiny Tots safaris, and special seasonal programs for adults and children. We serve five elementary schools around Patterson Park and eight Baltimore City high schools across the city. Several of these programs are taught in English and Spanish.

Mission Statement

Audubon centers are special places in a community that connect people with nature, focusing on the community around the center by providing numerous interactions with the center throughout a person’s lifetime.

Centers add value to the community by providing high-quality education programs that inspire stewardship of our natural resources and provide staff that serves as role models to encourage civic involvement.