Pennsville Fire And Rescue Co. 1

91 First Street

Pennsville Township,NJ is located in Salem County,NJ. The best description for point of reference is Exit 1 New Jersey Turnpike,or base of the Delaware Memorial Bridge (New Jersey side) or for the older crowd,the home of Riverview Beach Park and the Delaware/New Jersey Ferry.The community has a population of 12,000.It is the largest population in the county and is spread over 26 square miles. The township is protected by 2 fire stations. Pennsville Fire & Rescue Co.1, provides fire suppression, basic & specialized rescue and medical services and the sister company, Deepwater Fire Co, also supplements fire suppression. Pennsville is mostly residential with three major industries (Atlantic Electric, Du Pont Chemicals, and Gaines Chemicals)and its fair share of commercial strips. Included in the district are two federal state parks.

The Pennsville Fire & Rescue Co.1 celebrated its 75th on Saturday April 24, 1999. This occasion was marked with an awards ceremony and parade featuring numerous fire, rescue and E.M.S. units from the tri-state area. Various dignitaries were on hand to address the participants and residents of Pennsville Township. Seventy-five years of service to the people of Pennsville began April 15, 1924. Prior to the organization of the fire company, the only means of fire protection the townspeople had was a "Bucket Brigade". The nearest organized fire company was in Salem,6 miles away. A concerned citizen of the community, Mr.Jere A.English, recognized the need for an organized fire company. He aroused the interest in other townspeople after discussing his idea with them after a business meeting of the Knights of Pythias. Many of them shared his interest and concern. In July of 1978, footing was dug for the new addition to the station, which currently houses fire apparatus.