Performing Arts Center Of Tallahassee

2028 North Point Boulevard

Our Mission

The mission of Ballet Arts Conservatory of Tallahassee is to create artistically expressive dancers of good moral character from a diverse population. Our goal is to enable each student to reach his or her highest potential, at whatever age and level that might be. Therefore, our instruction is individualized to best encourage and facilitate each student’s development; and advancement through our levels is based on technical accomplishment, artistic development, emotional maturity, classroom interaction, personal work ethic and readiness for the next level. We provide the highest quality dance education, with an emphasis on solid fundamentals, by providing professional staff and state-of-the-art facilities. The atmosphere in the school exemplifies traditional values of respect and discipline, while developing in children a love for learning and to discover their potential for excellence. The school augments these values with fairness, equal opportunity for all, kindness and encouragement for every student. By providing students with a technically sound dance education and a fun, supportive, professional dance environment, the school strives to produce beautiful dancers that move with grace and confidence in life.