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Pick n' Save Orchard

Pick n' Save Orchard
1222 Ledge Road


Pick n' Save Orchard has been a family-owned business serving our customers for over 85 years. Ora Van Deusen planted his first trees in 1925. His Son, Roy Van Deusen , upgraded the orchard with Semi-drawf trees in the late 60's . Now, Roy's Daughter, Lynn Van Deusen continues the family tradition with the addition of Blueberries, Black berries, Raspberries, pumpkins, chickens  and horse drawn carriage rides. Strawberries coming soon!

Fun for the whole family!

The maple syrup is still made the way it was seventy years ago, using a 12-foot long wood fire stove.

We also use our beehives to collect and spin only the finest pure honey to bottle and sell. We even have honey with the comb, which is a treat for the kids.

During the season we make apple butter,and  jams , all from our fresh fruit.