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Pick'n Patch

Pick'n Patch
2205 Route 5 and 20

About Us:

Created in 1993 by Drew and Melanie Wickham, the Pick'n Patch is a team effort with the couple and their four children and spouses: Samantha & Mark, Tim & Shannon, Ben and Dan. The Wickham's are one of the first family farms to combine farming and fun. Agri-tainment at its finest can be found right down the road at the Pick'n Patch. It began as a place for families to experience pumpkin pick'n with family fun. The first opening season they offered families pumpkins, fall decorations, a straw maze, rhymies (nursery rhymes built with pumpkin heads) and farm animals. Much of the Business was on the honor system. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Listening to their families needs, the Wickham's added a kiddie train ride and small corn maze and the stage was set for expansion on a yearly basis. As the children grew, so did the ideas. They began to make suggestions, design new attractions and even create the corn mazes. Once the children started having children their own experiences have brought new ideas to life!

Daughter Sam was the original train conductors, "All Aboard" and "All off at the Pick'n Patch Stations, have a nice day!" are her trademark. Sons Tim and Ben took over management of the corn maze. And the fun house attraction was added so the youngest son, Dan, has a job to call his own. The Wickham's continue to offer new experience and create fall fun for Finger Lakes families. As their family grows so do the Pick'n Patch attractions.  Realizing teenagers are looking for fall fun (the the kiddie train rid just wasn't their speed...) they took a leap into the world of GIANT corn mazes. And they've continued down that path of offering older family fun with their 8-acre corn maze and corn cannon.

Refershments, local products, and SPOOKLEY the square pumpkin merchandise make a trip to the Pick'n Patch a one of a kind experience. Find out more about SPOOKLEY at

The family grows with the addition of spouses and grandchildren and the jobs change but the goal of providing unique, high quality farm products with first-rate family fun never will. The Wickham family invites you to join them for another memorable season at the Pick'n Patch.