Placentia United Methodist Church

2050 North Valencia Avenue

In 1962, two hundred and twenty four years after John Wesley founded the Methodist church in England, a small group of people wanted to organize a Methodist Church in Placentia, California. Reverend Edwin Swenson was assigned to the task. Residents with a Methodist backround were contacted and held their first meeting in a garage. Soon, they moved to a mortuary on Santa Fe Street in the business district, also using the bakery next door for Sunday School classrooms.

On May 24th, 1965, the church was chartered and services were moved to the newly built Charles Wagner Elementary School in North Placentia. The multipurpose room was used for worship services, and the kitchen, lunch tables, and some classrooms provided space for the Sunday School.

It was 1965, and Placentia was growing with many new businesses and homes being built. An orange grove was purchased to be the site of the new Valencia Methodist Church. The building constructed was the education facility. A large room on the southeast corner of the building doubled as a sanctuary for worship and Sunday School classrooms.


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