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Pleasantville Learning Center

70 Memorial Plaza

At the Pleasantville Learning Center we take a proven approach to assessing your child's needs and will provide a plan on how these needs will be addressed. We offer K-12 tutoring in all subject areas, as well as S.A.T./P.S.A.T and COOP/HSPT test preparation classes or individual instruction.

Our teachers are all certified in the appropriate subject areas. They are dedicated professionals invested in your child's academic success. They motivate and inspire children to become better students. It is their belief that learning how to learn is an important and necessry skill in today's society.

Our SAT and other test preparation classes give your student the opportunity to practice specific test taking skills and typical questions to make them feel more confident and at ease when the time for testing arrives.

Pleasantville Learning Center - 70 Memorial Plaza Pleasantville, NY 10570

Pleasantville Learning Center - Tutor and tutoring for K-12 in all subject areas. Tutor and tutoring as well as S.A.T./P.S.A.T tutors and tutoring COOP/HSPT test preparation classes.