Prehistoric Gardens

Prehistoric Gardens
36848 Highway 101 South

About Us:

The Dinosaurs are scientifically correct restorations, authentic in detail and restored in as life-like manner as possible.  Their size and shape is based on measurements of the mounted fossil skeletons displayed in the larger natural history museums of the United States. From the flying Pteranadon with a wingspan of 27 feet to the massive Brachiosaurus that towers 46 feet off the ground, the Prehistoric Gardens is chalk full of those awesome animals that disappeared from the face of this earth over 70 million years ago.

The Rainforest creates a setting like no other for these prehistoric animals.  Known as a temperate zone rainforest,  this primeval garden developed because of its location; nestled in a valley pocket and therefore protected from the fierce winter storms that sweep the Pacific.  The average rainfall is between 6 and 10 feet per year, allowing the vegetation to grow so abundantly.  Here the ferns grow to gigantic size, trees live for hundreds of years and even the common skunk cabbage develops huge tropical leaves.