Prevailing Word Church

419 South Main Street

Prevailing Word is a Jesus-loving and Spirit-heeding New Testament congregation. We believe the Bible is the indestructible and infallible Word of the Living God.

From the headquarters of Prevailing Word Church in Lytle, TX - Pastor L. Lynn Beams began PWC-Cotulla as a cohesive church in January of 1998 with one vision - "Teaching Triumphant Truth." Having been healed from 4th - Stage Hodgkin's Disease in July of 1985, Pastor Beams personally experienced walking "by faith and not by sight" (2 Cor. 5:7) and found out that the Word of God will indeed prevail!

From our inception we met in homes, restaurants, and other like venues until March of 1998 when we rented the Cotulla Foursquare Church building. Meeting at 3:00 pm on Sundays and 7:00pm on Thursdays, our services did not conflict with the Foursquare Church meeting schedule. We daily thanked God for our wonderful relationship with the Foursquare body; as they were always a blessing to PWC.

Then a major revelation of God's direction came to us in July of 2003. After much prayer and leadership discussion, PWC and the Foursquare Church merged together to make one unified and unique body of Christians. Joining with us came Pastor Abram De La Garza and the Foursquare group under his leadership. This vibrant new congregation now senses a new "freshness of the Spirit" to receive God's mantle for our future in Cotulla.

Now, with Pastor Beams as Senior Pastor and capably assisted by Youth Pastor De La Garza, our unified church has a unified focus to continue the vision of "Teaching Triumphant Truth!"