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Provo Bible Church

1449 West 1150 South

About us:

Provo Bible Church is a local, independent church, and is self-governing. However, there are thousands of other independent, Bible-believing churches around the world with whom we fellowship and share a common belief.

Our goal in every service is to clearly communicate the Word of God. Our purpose is to worship the Lord, evangelize the lost, equip the saints, and encourage believers. It is our desire that the church be a place of spiritual refreshment, encouragement and challenge. To facilitate this we encourage fellowship among those who are part of our church family.

Brief History
Provo Bible Church was established in July 1989 by pastor Frank Curtis with the assistance of Biblical Ministries Worldwide. The three original families met at Farrer Middle School in Provo for services. In 1997, we moved into our current building. In August 2004, Joshua Harding became the new pastor.Since its beginning, Provo Bible Church has been a faithful light in the community. With God’s blessing, we are committed to continuing to shine faithfully for years to come.