Railroad Square Art Park

602 Mc Donnell Drive

About Us:

Railroad Square Art Park is Tallahassee's great cultural resource. Hosting more than 50 studios, galleries and small shops, Railroad Square is the creative haven of many Tallahassee artists and other small businesses. Railroad Square operates at its own quaint pace most of the month and then puts on the city's most exciting "First Friday Gallery Hop" on the first Friday of each month. Visit Railroad Square and you'll find a thriving art park filled with galleries, working studios, shops and the only café in town that is built out of a real railroad caboose. Just inside the entrance is our first green space, a sculpture garden with memorial park benches. Next you'll reach the loop road that leads you around the entire art park and through the various gallery "neighborhoods" within.

Railroad Square encompasses 10 acres in downtown Tallahassee, the previous site of the historic McDonnell lumber yard, which became the Downtown Industrial Park in the 1960′s under owner William J. Boynton, Jr. In the mid-1970s his daughter, Nan Boynton, re-envisioned the park as a mecca for artists’ studios and galleries and began to manifest this plan, replacing industrial tenants with regional artists looking for inexpensive studio spaces, including Florida State University’s studio artist program. The current owners, Lily Boynton Kaye and Adam Boynton Kaye, have continued to foster the development of Railroad Square as a unique cultural destination.In the center of Tallahassee, Railroad Square Art Park is within ten-minutes walking distance of both Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Florida State University (FSU), and Florida’s State Capitol Buildings are just one mile away. Railroad Avenue, the road on which one enters the Art Park, is a business artery between the two universities and is home to the historic Amtrak train station. Railroad Square also borders the exciting Gaines Street corridor redevelopment project and the upcoming FAMU Way extension.

For more than 30 years, many renowned artists have rented studios in Railroad Square, as well as other artisans and craftspeople. Academy Award-nominated film director Victor Nunez has an editing facility at Railroad Square. When you enter the park, on the left you will find a building with over 7,000 sq ft of space housing a vintage/retro store.  Just past that you will see, Proof Brewery, Tallahassee’s Largest Brewery.  There is a knitting supplies shop, an herbal emporium, and many other unique locally owned shops. Many of the spaces are working studios and only open to the public during events, such as the First Friday Gallery Hop. Others are full-time galleries and shops. The red railroad caboose is home to The Crumbox restaurant.


Draig MeicThire

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
I come here for the awesome galleries and vintage stores. Gallery 621 is a free gallery that showcases different artists normally two at a time if you like art it's a very cool space. Another really cool thing about railroad Square is the ability to go and play Pinball the pinball arcade in the rear of the park is absolutely fabulous. The theater more your style check out the mickyfaust club, they have seasonal Productions and on going events, not to mention the coolest t-shirts you would ever want to wear to the Holy Roman Empire

Aerial Violet

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Very friendly and open place. I've been there twice now and everyone seems to be very chill and welcoming. They've experienced all kinds of growth with the recent road work done, and apparently it's given the businesses a much needed boost, Chipp tells me (one of the new business owners). Shout outs to the folks at Athena's Garden, the Pinball Place, and the Black Dog Cafe for the hospitality, information, and/or a place to sit and soak in the music, for a spell.

Susan Hobson

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Super cool place! Unusual art, lots of little shops and studios. Great coffee shop. Totally worth finding this kind of hidden spot.

Vanessa Fletcher

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
We love exploring this area! They have great thrift stores, fun murals and a great playground! We highly recommend wandering around this area! There are also some great eats here, too. This is a fun place for Sunday afternoon or the weekend! They also have a big event every first Friday! Check it out!

Claire Miller

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018
I stumbled here looking for Athena's Garden, a wonderful tea and herb shop, but the whole area is great. Walkable, a cool playground, and so many neat little places to explore. Even on a Tuesday morning when only a few places were open, it was totally worthwhile. Check out the letter press shop if you like cool text prints or typography.