Ramsey Free Public Library

30 Wyckoff Avenue

The Ramsey Free Public Library provides library services to the residents of Ramsey and in accordance with the terms adopted by the Bergen County Cooperative Library System, library services are also available to any qualified resident of the participating communities.

The Ramsey Free Public Library provides free and equal open access to ideas and information to all members of the community. As a public service institution, the library must adapt to change in order to retain its proper role in society. The library provides comprehensive reference and information services. It selects and makes available current high-demand materials in a variety of formats to meet the informational, recreational and cultural needs of persons of all ages from pre-schoolers to senior citizens. Its resources and services must be available to the entire population regardless of age, sex or physical condition; regardless of economic, ethnic, religious or political status.

The library has an obligation to create a broad awareness of library resources and services and to stimulate their use. The library offers highly developed and comprehensive collections and services to the children of our community. In addition, the library serves all patrons who are seeking information, doing research or independently pursuing a sustained program of learning, and makes every effort to obtain the necessary materials and provide programs and support their endeavors.


Nilam Desai

Monday, Nov. 20, 2017
Great activities for the kids. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Joel Darrow

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015
Very helpful staff, nice layout, semiannual book sales and small ongoing sale, and can borrow from other Bergen County libraries.

Amanda Schwiederek

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016
People here are very sweet and always ready to help

Bridgette Ruggles

Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017
Lovely library with a great staff.

Bill G

Saturday, April 2, 2016
Great Library & Staff, with wonderful programs for kids!