Raven Cliff Falls

Richard B Russell Scenic Hwy

It is a two and one-half mile moderate hike along Dodd’s Creek. The trail may split in a few places – when it does, follow the creek. After two miles and many smaller waterfalls (don’t be fooled – the big one is at the end!) the trail begins to climb until you reach a large open area that leads up a steep hill to Raven Cliff Falls.


Thai Nguyen

Monday, July 2, 2018
Length: 4.9 Miles Difficulty: Easy/Moderate. Slight elevation to the end, very manageable. Dog Friendly: Yes. I even saw a dachshund complete the trip. Sights: You'll cross multiple streams and see multiple small waterfalls along the way. The trail itself is pretty much shaded the entire way. The paths are all well defined and contain no forks so it’s pretty much impossible to get lost. On the weekends, it can get pretty busy so go early! Summary: Overall, this trail is worth a visit if you're looking for a relatively easy day hike with nice sights along the way. It's also the perfect trail to take along friends/family that don't really hike.

Wandering Us

Thursday, June 21, 2018
We’ve done a lot of hiking in North GA and Raven Cliff is a great trail of you want something with decent mileage and a shaded path. Great for the summer. We went in the fall it was a little chilly. The trail is about 7 miles in steps round trip. At the half way point you will reach the waterfall and it’s pretty neat sitting between two cliffs. Very well kept trail, pet friendly, caution with children as there are cliffs without rails. Only reason we aren’t giving this trail a 5 is because there are a few other breathtaking shorter trails with waterfalls close by that take the cake.

Thomas Lehman

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Raven Cliffs Falls is a beautiful and moderately challenging hike. The trailhead is in Helen and about 1.5 hours from Atlanta. The hike from the trail head to the falls is about 2 - 2.5 hours, depending on how fast you walk. Nearly all of the walk is a steady incline, but nothing too serious. It's not like Blood Mountain or anything like that.

Jamie Seifert

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Beautiful moderate hike. Rough terrain with exposed roots. Lots of places to get off the trail and explore. Several small waterfalls before you get to the end. And when you get to the end...wow! But don't stop there. Climb up on the right side of the falls for even more to see and explore. This was an amazing hike. We will be back!

Traci Yates

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Absolutely beautiful trail! Shaded the whole way. We went on a Tuesday in June and only passed about 10 groups, so not very crowded. Follows Dodd creek the entire way and the Raven Cliffs falls at the end is very cool. Lots of falls along the way. Many camp sites. It was a steady incline, but pretty easy. I’d say the worst thing would be all the roots. You definitely have to watch it, as we tripped a few times. There are some steep fall offs in areas, but I loved that there were some side trails to get a closer look at the creek and falls. We walked with two 10 year olds and an 8 year old. They loved it. Definitely a must hike!