Redbank-Hawthorn Elementary School

1306 Truittsburg Road

Redbank-Hawthorn Elementary School is one of three elementary schools in the Redbank Valley School District. It is home to approximately 250 students in grades k-6. Our school is located in rural western Pennsylvania and students attend from the areas of Hawthorn Township, Oak Ridge Township and Redbank Township. Originally built in 1960, additions were put on in 1990 and most recently we added a kindergarten room for our full-day, every day kindergarten.

Over the last several years students in the Redbank Valley School District have far exceeded state standards set in Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Students, teachers, parents and the community have set high expectations for student achievement and we have seen fantastic results from our team effort. Teachers at Redbank Hawthorn Elementary School work together with staff, parents, and the community to provide an outstanding education to our students.

Redbank-Hawthorn Elementary School provides students and staff with a safe and organized learning atmosphere. Parents, guardians and families are encouraged to be active contributors in their child's education. It is highly documented that through the collaborative efforts of families, educators, and communities schools can greatly improve the quality of education students receive and help them become positive, productive citizens.