Reed Academy

1 Winch Street

Celebrating over 40 years of Service to Children With Emotional Challenges

Reed Academy is a non-profit therapeutic day school dedicatd to helping boys with social and emotional needs. The purpose of their highly structured program is to promote academic growth as well as social and behavioral development.  Reed Academy accepts applications throughout the school year, as well as openings for Extended Evaluation Assessments, and for the Extended Year program in July and August to prevent substantial regression.

Reed Academy works closely with local school districts to ensure the academic program is based on each child's IEP, while following the MA Curriculum Frameworks.  Certified Special Education teachers and specialists, the administrative staff, and the LICSW clinical team focus on making sure that the educational and behavioral needs of each child is met with care and compassion. The extended day at Reed allows the students to participate in a wide variety of elective activities; swimming, fishing and organic gardening (summer), field trips, hiking at Callahan State Park, cooking, arts/crafts, music/drama, computers, and opportunities for social skills development are a few of the opportunities available to our students.