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Reformed Bible Church Of Westmoreland

33 Capron Road

The Gospel of Jesus Christ:

We believe the GOSPEL of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only remedy for the sinful and fallen condition of the hearts of men, women and children. The gospel is the good news that God has provided a substitute who is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. As our substitute, the Son of God, suffered the wrath of God that is toward sinners. He shed His blood to save a multitude whom no man can number. The call of the gospel comes to every person in the world. It is the gospel call to repent (to turn away from all personal sin) and to believe in Christ (to trust in Him as the only way to be forgiven of the guilt of my sin and to be given a new, eternal life). A person who has believed upon Christ will find that they have a new heart which God has given them: a heart that hates sin; a heart that loves Scripture; a heart that desires to obey God's law. A sincere desire to obey God's Word is the only trustworthy fruit that a person has become born again and is justified by grace.