Regional Chamber of Commerce

981 North Curtis Avenue

Mission :

The mission of the Regional Chamber of Commerce is the promotion, establishment and support of small business, to provide business-to-business interaction by creating a communication infrastructure, to provide economic development and stimulation of tourism in the region and to improve the quality of life in the business community through education and community involvement.

What We Do :

Serving communities such as Avoca, Garfield, Gateway, Lost Bridge, Pea Ridge, and Seligman, we engage in the following to benefit current, new and prospective residents, businesses and tourists:

Working with local businesses to foster a strong business climate;

Stimulating tourism in the region;

Improving the quality of life in the business community;
Playing a part in recruiting new business and light industry to the community;

Joining with the business community to address issues that affect them, such as infrastructure;

Providing cost-effective marketing opportunities through sponsorships for the Chamber web site, monthly events, monthly publication, and business-to-business expos; and

Working with businesses, city leaders and the community at large to help development and productivity move forward together.