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Rennie Orchards

Rennie Orchards
11221 Munro Road


It’s Sandy Rennie here at Rennie Orchards–one of a very few family farms in northern Michigan. Because the farm is situated off of Angell Road and atop an area with panoramic views, it was affectionately nicknamed Angell Plateau by my Father years ago.

My Father bought this property in 1938 and converted it from potatoes to cherries. I took it over during the 1960s. I’m the youngest of three children–and I had that “fruit farm” gene in my blood. I married my lovely wife, Linda, in 1971, and, together, we raised two children and tended the farm. Linda was a major force working alongside me but, so sadly, she passed away in February, 2013, from cancer. I miss her terribly–and I also know that she is watching over me from Heaven and cheering on the rows and rows of gorgeous cherries, apples, and other fruits and vegetables we’ve invested in and harvested, together, over these years. We have two children–Matthew and Amy–and four wonderful grandchildren that enjoy hearing stories about the farm’s history. Their names are Matthew, Johnathan, Kieran, and Adriana.