Rickard Nursery Growers

Rickard Nursery Growers
3642 Checker Tavern Road

About Us:

Our nursery started back in 1949 as the M. A. Rickard Nurseries, and was founded by Merritt A. Rickard. The orginal location was on the family homestead on Hartland Road in the Town of Hartland, New York. The very first plants were offered to the public in May of that year. In the early 1970's the nursery was moved to 7139 Ellicott Road, followed by the additional purchase of the George and Mary Alstein Farm located On Checkered Tavern Road in Ridgewood, New York. Following the death of Merritt in 1994, the name of the nursery was changed to Rickard Nursery Growers and is currently owned by Calvin L. Rickard. 2008 brought more change with the addition of White Pines Nursery, Inc. which is the retail division for Rickard Nursery located in Gasport, New York on Telegraph Road and is managed by Suzanne M. Rickard.

Today on our 24 acre farm we have over 8,000 Christmas & conifer trees growing, 3 green houses, 5 container production buildings, 5 container production fields along with one pot-n-pot field. Our propagation house is capable of producing over 40,000 rooted cuttings per year. In 2005 we started our in field grown production of specimen quality stock that is sold as balled-n-burlap type plants. The patented liners we offer are purchased from licensed growers located in Michigan, Ohio & Pennsylvania who produce the Proven Winners® and Color Choice® plants that we offer as finished stock. We are now into our fourth family generation since our start and we look forward to growing more into the future to meet the local demand for top quality nursery stock. Welcome to our web site and we encourage you to keep coming back for we will be changing the site on a weekly basis with plant specials and available stock listings.