Riddley Middle School

400 Free Street

The Middle School is an acknowledgment of the uniqueness of children who are making the transition from late childhood to adolescence. In the Middle School, a positive climate for learning takes into account this uniqueness and offers a sensitive, caring, supportive learning environment, thereby helping each individual to bridge the gap between the self-contained structure of the elementary school and the departmental structure of the high school.


PUBG sucks

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Haverford Middle School is better. We have air conditioning.


Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017
It’s a nice school but it’s just the kids not all but most of them💁🏽 And the teachers are....cool

Its. Beanies4Beau

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017
This message may be offensive to others, and should educate some other kids dealing with this problem at Ridley Middle School My experience at this school was horrible. Some people can say that "Its middle school, it'll go past", or "You were in middle school, dont worry about it." Thats where some people are wrong. The staff is horrible and how some students were treated different than others is not comforting to be around. Although the education is great, the people around me were not so great. I made a mistake and got suspended and the first thing the school suggested was therapy. I had no problems whatsoever, such as home problems, social problems, or any problem. I had good grades and a good life with my family. I felt so hurt after hearing what I had to go through, and my parents that have worked so hard has to pay for something that was a waste. They thought going to therapy would supposbly make me feel "better". What I think this school needs, is a learn how to make a child feel respected. And instantly going straight or the thought of therapy will make the child think that they're crazy or insane. Thats how I felt because of the remark they made. After my suspension, the staff clearly did not look at me nor greeted me like how a normal person would. They refused to stare at my face. That's the thing, older people should understand how to treat people with respect, as for how they would to anyone else, regardless what mistake they have made. Just because a child has made a mistake, they shouldnt be treated any differently than any other people. They aren't bad people for making mistakes. Another concern I had during my school year were that my math teacher made me feel disrespected. Every time I've made a mistake I didn't know which was a mistake, she'd point me out in front of other children. This made me embarrassed throughout my year. For example, me and a student would probably have the same work, but she'd criticize me by saying that I never showed any effort and how what I did wouldn't help anyone, as for the child that copied my work, she showed so much respect and said that the child had an understanding. Ridley, you can delete this message or do whatever you want, but this won't change my perspective and my opinion on this school, you guys couldn't help me and showed so much disrespect. You need to change it.


Friday, March 9, 2018
Fine school but staff are unprofessional and kids are so rude it's unbelievable

Liyah The Star

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018
I’m sueing this school cause I got burned by the heater they need to put covers on it