Rivera Elementary School

400 North Montgomery Street

Rivera Elementary School mission is to teach, counsel and prepare all of our students for the intellectual, emotional, social, moral and for the economic challenges of the 21st century. High expectations for all of our students shall prevail at all times.

The Administration of Rivera Elementary School recognizes the uniqueness and individuality of each child and will provide effective and consistent leadership as it pertains to each one of them. The administration will provide students with educational opportunities to allow them to reach their fullest potential.

The Trenton Public School District is committed to educational excellence and equity for all its students in an environment conducive to learning.

The district seeks innovative partnerships that will aid in developing productive and responsible citizens of the community and society, now and into the twenty-first century.

Luis Munoz Rivera School is an historic school which was built in 1923 as the Lincoln School for the black students of Trenton. In 1946, the Public Schools of Trenton were integrated and the Lincoln School was renamed Junior High #5. The school housed both elementary and junior high students from kindergarten to ninth grade. During the 1980’s the elementary school was named Luis Munoz-Rivera School. The Junior portion of the school was discontinued during the 1993 – 94 school year. The Luis Munoz-Rivera Elementary school now utilizes the entire school complex. We have a devoted staff of 64 teachers and support staff who provide quality educational programs and services for approximately 368 students.