Riverview Community School District

13425 Colvin Street

Mission Statement:

Our children face a technical, competitive and complicated future. Education plays the most important role in preparing them for this future. Our mission with the Riverview Community School District is to successfully educate students so that they will be capable of functioning in society, earning an income, and becoming tomorrow's leaders and responsible adults. To achieve these goals, we must dedicate ourselves to helping students meet their full potential. We have high expectations for our students to reach their maximum potential, and we are committed to accomplishing this by creating a positive school climate, insuring a safe school environment, monitoring student progress, promoting effective home-school communications, and providing effective instructional leadership.

About us:

Our first high school A.E. Smith, had its first graduating class in 1932 with a class of eight. The newer high school was built in 1955 with the first graduating class in 1956. The school colors are maroon and gold and the mascot is the Pirate.

We have one middle school for grades six to eight built in 1960 and their colors are maroon and gold as well. The mascot is the Pirate. Each of the three elementary schools house grades kindergarten to fifth grade. In 1973, Forest School, home of the Dragons, was built. In 1958, Huntington, the Cool Cats, opened their doors. And in 1955 Memorial sporting colors of burgundy and white, opened their doors. The Memorial mascot is the Mustang.

All of our buildings underwent major reconstruction and remodeling in 1992-1995. Buildings are technologically updated with high quality computers, media, and communications systems throughout.