Rochester School Department

150 Wakefield Street Suite #8


The Mission of the Rochester School Department is to ensure quality  educational experiences.


Each school will develop instructional strategies to implement in the classroom to teach students about motivation, the value of effort, and increase student engagement in the learning process.

Each school will develop and implement strategies to create an emotionally and physically safe learning environment, including an emphasis on embracing diversity, eliminating racial harassment and bullying behavior.

Each school will continue to develop and implement a student driven, K-12 curriculum, based on state frameworks, Grade Level Expectations, Des Cartes, and District Curriculum Frameworks.

Each school will develop instructional strategies and alternatives for students, based on individual needs and the K-12 curriculum, to enable them to meet the New Hampshire content and student proficiency standards and monitor the effectiveness of these strategies.

Each Principal will report to the Superintendent and the Instruction Committee on an annual basis.