Rock Township Ambulance District

P.O. Box 629

Mission Statement

Rock Township Ambulance District is a progressive advanced life support entity that provides high quality emergency medical service, education and community service.

Through our shared commitment to those we serve, we will maintain positive relations provide superior leadership, retain personnel and effectively respond to change while remaining financially accountable to the community.


Rock Township Ambulance District (RTAD) is an Advanced Life Support service. The district was established in 1980 and serves communities in North East Jefferson County. RTAD is a political subdivision of the state of Missouri.

The initial operating budget for 1980 was $161,861.00. That year we ran 1400 emergency calls with the estimated population of 59,000 people.

Our population has grown in leaps and bounds to our current population of 108,000. Our call volume has grown as well. In 2006 we responded to 5,998 calls.

RTAD is also currently providing routine transfers for district residence and others. Our ambulances are taking non-ambulatory patients back to their residence. Other transfers take patients from hospital to hospital.