Rolling Meadows Vineyard And Winery

Rolling Meadows Vineyard And Winery
212 Eden Trail
636 288 1016

Open: Year-round

Familiar. Simple. Unpretentious. That is our approach to wine and winemaking at Rolling Meadows Vineyard and Winery, located west of Warrenton, in the heart of Central Missouri's Wine Country.Owners and operators, Ed and Claudia Staude welcome you as extended family to their 8 acre vineyard. For wine lovers and casual enthusiasts, Rolling Meadows offers the opportunity to enjoy fine estate bottled wines and experience the craft of winemaking at an unhurried, personal pace. Visit during any season, and you might have a first-hand opportunity to watch the vintner at work: pruning and trimming, bottling, harvesting and crushing.Experience Rolling Meadows Vineyard and Winery. Explore, taste our wines, and enjoy the atmosphere of one of mid-Missouri's best working wineries.