Rotary Club of Alexandria

The official charter of the Rotary Club of Alexandria was awarded March 14, 1928, during the Rotary International presidency of Arthur H. Sapp of Huntington, Indiana, and under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Warrenton, VA. William H. Surber, Charlottesville, VA, was district governor.

Charter members included C. S. Taylor Burke, President; S. Nelson Gray, Vice President,; Lawrence E. Roland, Secretary, W. Everett Swan, Treasurer; and members James M. Armstrong, Herbert E. Cross, Harry A. Wools. Other early members were George F. Downham, Francis H. Fannon, C. Raymond Hellmuth, Blair McLeod, William S. Snow, Percy I. Vernon, and John T. Worthington.

The first official bulletin was named The Forecaster. During the first year of the club's existance, the chief concerns were to increase membership and to study the objectives of Rotary.

In 1990 the members of the Rotary Club of Alexandria expanded the Club's charitable outreach with the estableishment of another Sec.501(c)(3) tax-exempt subsidiary known as "The Alexandria Roitary Foundation. "In its first decade, this "Club Foundation" (not to be confused with the Rotary International Foundation) has realized substantial growth.

Now, the proceeds from major fund-raising events and projects of the Club are channeled through the Club Foundation, which then makes annual awards on behalf of the Club to worthwhile charitable groups and projects in the area.  Here again, emphasis is usually given to projects which benefit the area's deserving youngsters.