Running Brook Elementary School

5215 W. Running Brook Road

Running Brook Elementary School’s motto is “Reaching the Best in Every Student.” Our staff of committed, caring teachers and support personnel strives to meet each child’s individual needs and unique abilities.

Running Brook is committed to providing each child and family with the supports they need for success. The Bridges Over Wilde Lake grant provides students and families with after-school enrichment and academic activities. Running Brook receives technical and material support to improve the academic skills of our students and continue to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our Reading and Math Support Teachers assist classroom teachers in developing instructional strategies based upon student needs. Additional teachers allow small group instruction in reading and math and we offer a technology curriculum designed to infuse content knowledge with computer skills and enhance our student’s college and career readiness.



Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016
Mannnnn this is the best Elementary School in Howard County Ever!!!! my children went to this school,For starters, there is so much love there. respect is given,received and taught.these people reach out to families in ways you wouldn't believe. i know i owe a lot to this school.. I blame them for my children's SUCCESS! (LOL) my daughter Jessycah is in the navy A nuke" all because someone there thought, well this little girl is smart i believe she can do whatever and they opened a door for her, challenged her and now look she is well on her way to a successful life, my son David very quiet child for, forever has very nice handwriting, liked to write in his journal, i thought he would be a journalist, Nope!! he made it to college where he's taking up business, not only that he picked up the football a couple of times over there with the teachers and now can't put it down. he's the starting qb at Lackawanna college they just won 10 games straight!!! my son james LOL "aka Wink" was the one we thought he's going to be in all kinds of trouble he was very busy, lil annoying and just every where, he had his teachers there but one teacher learned him and decided to keep him with her because she knew him his schedule how to talk to him and get through to him, he tried the football team, but his brother was getting all of the attention, he tried wrestling, wasn't for him, I have this funny thing to tell you he was in the sixth grade and asked me if he could drop out of school,(LOL). it went like this: Mom__ yep, never mind, what boy, never mind you're gonna say no, i said; what boy!! he said can i drop out of school? I said WHAT!! DROP OUT!! YOU JUST GOT THERE! i said tell you what, ask me this in 6 years (LOL) so the day before he graduated high school i said Wink do you still want to drop out, he looked and smiled at me... yes he Graduated and went on to join the Marines!!! i told you that to tell you this. i was and am a single mother to my children and talking about the village that helps you raise your children, Running Brook Staff, teachers, liasons, Principles, Vice Principles etc. they all had a hand in helping me with my children,they challenged them, if they needed discipline they talked to them, if they needed a fatherly talk Mr.Todd, along with the other males members were father figures to the kids, they challenged my children in GT.the females were mothers to them, and these people didn't just reach out to me and my family, they were great to all the families there..I can go on and on about the goodness that's at this school. when you walk in the doors you can feel the love, the warmth, the care and the love.. Don"t believe me) Go There and See for yourself...I volunteered there best time ever! And guess what? MY CHILDREN came back, stopped over at the school and they embraced them with love and warmth, great admiration and respect.. the greatest feeling ever, when you go back and they are still there for you. this is our experience AND IT STILL CONTINUES WE ARE NOT DON'T WITH THEM, THEY ARE OUR FAMILY FOR LIFE!!!!!!! also i came in touch with some really terrific people!! Totally grateful and much appreciated We are the Pindell Family!! to RUNNING BROOK: WE LOVE YOU TO LIFE!!!! FAMILY FOREVER!!

Nancy Glass

Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012
I have the great fortune of living in the Running Brook school district. All 3 of my children attended RB, and loved this school. Running Brook has exceptional and dedicated teachers, who provide a quality education for all students. While I no longer have elementary aged children, I volunteer weekly just to be a part of this amazing school community. Nancy Glass

Justice Parent

Monday, April 28, 2014
A parent.. At best Running Brook Elementary school is Howard County's epitome of ghetto, run by egotistical bobbleheads. Please make sure that you review their true ratings on The Maryland Board of Education website and state report scores before you make the mistake of enrolling your child/children into this school. The office personnel is rude and insulting, often yelling out your personal business across a crowded room. They speak to parents like children and can be heard gossiping on the regular. There is plenty of adult bullying here. Often children with the slightest of healthcare issues are picked on frequently by administration and repeatedly discriminated against. If you choose to complain or get involved in support of your child's favor beware, they will set out to make your child miserable. It becomes an all out "cause".Unfair documentation will end up in your child's file while necessary paperwork you have furnished is "conveniently" lost. I have seen fights break out amongst students while staff stands nearby conversing, too busy to notice. If your child comes home and tells what seems to be a crazy story.... you better investigate, chances are it did happen and an investigation will reveal it's truth. All of this from an educational institution whose motto is: RESPECTFUL RESPONSIBLE AND READY... This is hardly, the case. It's more like a carnival of educational clowns... I encourage the Howard County Board of Education to severely evaluate this school.To prospective parents, the good reviews have been seen being typed by office administration when you enter the office by children and parents.....Stay Away.

Eric Gainey Jr

Monday, April 28, 2014
I love this school!!!! We have been blessed by the principle, teachers and staff at this place in the education of our child .

Rambo Rapu

Monday, March 14, 2011
The Rapu Family love Running Brook Elementary.