Saint Brendan The Navigator Episcopal Church

43 School Street

Our Mission
To celebrate our common journey of faith while honoring the diversity of gifts and people that are our essence.

To allow ourselves to be formed into an inclusive community of worship, sometimes small and sometimes large, of both year round and summer visitors, warmly open to any who wish to join us.

To extend that community not only to our immediate neighborhood, but to others in the world who seek our fellowship and support, trying to respond to our neighbor's needs as to our own, and to extend our belief not only to our human sisters and brothers but to all living things, realizing that all with whom we share this earth are our neighbors and part of your creation.

To become a community where it is safe to ask questions, share our doubts, and explore all the gifts and talents you have given us.

To provide a place where people can learn about you and faith in a variety of ways - through worship, study, community action, and participation in a welcoming congregation.

To raise the children among us in the knowledge of your love and promises.

To recognize all our gifts as opportunities to share with others. To act and speak boldly, yet in love, working for justice and exploring liturgy, lay leadership, ecumenical cooperation, and active involvement in your larger church.