Saint Mark Lutheran Church

436 North Oak Avenue

About Us:

Worship at St. Mark is a mix of old and new, ancient and modern, and is the center of our life together. We are a liturgical church, meaning that we follow a pattern of worship that has been used by Christians for thousands of years. At the same time, we embrace new ways of doing things within our ancient pattern, and look for different ways to enrich our worship. Whatever happens in worship on any given day, we always gather to experience God’s everlasting love shown to us in Jesus Christ and to be strengthened to serve our neighbors in the world.

We love music in our congregation and sing a lot. Most of our singing is accompanied by the piano or organ, but at various times of the year we are joined by guest musicians who fill our sanctuary with the sounds of guitar, bass, and drums. Some of our music is hundreds of years old, some if it is very new, but all of it is sung to join us with Christians who sing in every time and place.

We are a sacramental church, believing that God is present with us through physical elements that are tied to God’s promises to us, the water of baptism, and the bread and wine of Holy Communion. We celebrate communion every Sunday at both of our worship services. We believe that Jesus is the host of this meal, and that all are welcome to receive his body and blood.