Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church

1111 East Sample Road


On December 6, 1959, The Feast of St. Nicholas, thirty-six people attended the first service of worship at what was to become St. Nicholas Church.

St. Nicholas was the legendary Fourth century Bishop of Myra (in Asia Minor). Although little is known about his life, he was revered as the patron saint of diverse groups such as children, scholars, merchants, and seafarers. Today, as we enter a new century, St. Nicholas Church represents the diversity and vitality of South Florida. Our parish family includes retirees, young families, singles, and all ages in between. We also represent the variety of cultural backgrounds common to our part of the world and our shared worship of God (our "common prayer") is a joyful celebration of our Christian heritage offered through many voices, ages, backgrounds and points of view.

In 1999 the Vestry of St. Nicholas Church defined the mission of our parish.

Mission and Purpose

The mission of St. Nicholas Episcopal church is to:

Express boldly the saving news of Jesus Christ in a welcoming community of faith. With God's help, we support our growing and diverse community through liturgical worship, learning, fellowship and service.

We seek to be known as the friendliest church in town.

May God bless and guide us as we seek to deepen our commitment to Him, to our community, and one another through the many ministries of St. Nicholas Church.