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Salem Lutheran Church's mission is to become a Christ centered, Bible based family of believers who intend with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to spread the salvation of Jesus Christ through the use of our God given time talents and gifts.

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About Us:

Salem Lutheran Church was founded on November 7, 1868. A church was built one mile west of Roland in 1874 and was moved to town in 1890. That building served the congregation until 1914 when the present brick church was built. Various enlargements and renovations have occured over the years to bring the church building to its present state. The parsonage was built in 1927.

Salem Lutheran Church became a member of the Hauge Synod in 1870, and in 1917 became a member of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America (later called the Evangelical Lutheran Church). In 1960 Salem became a member of the American Lutheran Church. In 1988 Salem became a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and in 2010 Salem became a member of the LCMC, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.

The Following pastors have served the congregation:

Rev. Endre Johansen, 1870-73

Rev. Ingvald Eistensen, 1873-84

Rev. C.C. Holter, 1884-96

Rev. J.N. Sandven, 1897-1925

Rev. Olaf Holen, 1926-57

Rev. Everett N. Nelson, 1957-84

Rev. David Hofer, 1984-86

Rev. Harry E. Krieg, Jr., 1987-93

Rev. Steven Schwartz, 1993-2004

Rev. Joelle Colville-Hanson, 2005-2010

Pastor Dennis Sandmann, 2010-present

Salem Lutheran Church's heritage goes far beyond the historical details of its 145 years, however. Salem Lutheran Church is people engaged in mission. They live to make Jesus Christ known. They share their gifts to help others. They care and they work together to serve God and to spread God's Word.

Many Salemites have chosen to serve God through full time service as ordained ministers. Others have gone into the global mission fields to work. Many more have served God by being missionaries in their daily lives. Such has been the history of Salem Lutheran Church and such will be its future. Salem Lutheran Church has been and will continue to be a community of people actively engaged in ministry for Jesus Christ. This is our true heritage.