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Salt and Smoke Festival

Salt and Smoke Festival
110 East Main Street

Salt & Smoke is a taste of the South. Circa right now. A really, really delicious taste. We pick the best farmers and musicians, brewers and fishermen, cooks and craftsmen-people who have built a life in a place they love. And then we bring these people and their passion together for an afternoon. It's about all these rich traditions turned into a singular celebration. And you're invited to join us. Lucky you.

It's true that southerners may not get the wonders of ice fishing. Or decorative sweater vests. But we deeply understand the importance of a good time. Especially outdoors. Hell, we can turn washing a Chevrolet into a neighborhood party as long as the beer stays cold and plentiful. Add to that our unwavering belief that too much of a good thing is, well, a much, much better thing and you begin to get Salt & Smoke. It's good piled on top of better wrapped in delicious. Great music. Slow-smoked whole-hog BBQ. Crafted hometown beer. Raw oysters. You know, kind of your perfect weekend. With a soundtrack. Isn't it about time that you got your South on?

By the way, we know our farmers well. And our brewers. And the guys who pulled the oysters out of the sea. Jake is the one smoking the pig. And all the musicians are friends who always bring along more friends. Together, we're Salt & Smoke.

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Salt and Smoke Festival 2016

This is it. The original. The I-swear-this-is-the-best-day-ever party is back. At the place where North Carolina and hell yes intersect. Salt & Smoke IV. It's great live music and whole hog BBQ and oysters and beer and a full-throated reminder…

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