Santa Ana North Rotary Club

Santa Ana North Rotary is one of 31,000 Rotary clubs in 164 countries around the world with more than one million members that has nearly wiped Polio from the face of the earth and is involved in thousands of local projects in their communities and around the world. Rotary was founded by a lonely lawyer, Paul Harris, who 100 years ago moved to Chicago, and was looking for some lunch partners. He gathered several colleagues together, rotating the meeting sites each week. In their first effort at providing a service to others, built a public outhouse. Who would have thought that this inauspicous beginning would blossom into the first service club organized in the U.S, which has grown into so many clubs here and around the world.

Santa Ana North Rotary is a gathering of individuals and professionals who think locally and act globally.  In a world where people forget goodness and kindness, our club remembers and rewards good deeds and good thoughts.  Our club is a place you can go where everybody knows your name.  Our club is a place to go to contribute to others and receive ten fold for yourself. Our club is as real as life, friendships abound and patriotism is the norm.  Come and join us for lunch and see for your self.