Santa Ana Unified School District

1601 East Chestnut Avenue

Mission Statement:

We assure well-rounded learning experiences, which prepare our students for success in college and career. We engage, inspire, and challenge all of our students to become productive citizens, ethical leaders, and positive contributors to our community, country and a global society.

Vision Statement:

We will work collaboratively and comprehensively with staff, parents, and the community to strengthen a learning environment focused on raising the achievement of all students and preparing them for success in college and career.


Alma Mes

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Lincoln Elementary in Santa Ana I have a complain about how the principle is running the school ... in one ocasiones I was in front off the school lie down cause I work graveyard in she u can be lying down people are going to confuse u for a homeless... there has been other things... put this is the important one. one day by accident scratches my son in the face ... of course I send him to school i have nothing to worry about... when my older daughter came home she said some lady came to my school in talk to me in also Johnny ... what do u know they reported me to child services ...well I would think that u a least have history off my son coming to school with cut burses burns or scares from home... they could have gone to his preschool teacher in got any more information .. put no this teacher Reyes in principle just reported me...In yes I know my son has a problem put u are not certified to evaluate him’s been how many months since u reported me ..I think the least u can do is get my son the help with the right person that can help him ..a child with ADHD is not going to listen to u if u make him fell dumb. You say he doesn’t understand . Your wrong mis reyes .. he is very smart ... he just need a paciencia if u want him to listen to you .. your not going to get by yelled... or binging him down... if u ask him nicely he well have all your actension Put wait. Your teacher not me ... a teacher help her students if they need help ... last year my son would love going to school put this year I don’t know put I think it has to do with u mis Reyes The principle should worry about other thing then trying to get me arrested for feeding a cat... I wasn’t hurting the cat or anything... put what about the lady the is always selling her topawear out side the school.... Alma Morales ...

Stacy Kline

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Great school district, very forward thinking, high tech, 1:1 devices, Google apps, high speed wifi

Khoi Toan

Sunday, May 8, 2016
Great place

glenn ringler

Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013