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Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church

21682 Lake Forest Drive

Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church has been a parish community since 1979. Our first pastor was Rev. John Shetler. Ground was broke at the end of 1982 and the church and rectory were completed in 1984. Before the church was built Sunday Mass was held at El Toro High School. Rev. William Krekleberg became our second pastor in 1984, followed by Rev. Kenneth Schmit in 1991 and Rev. David Gruver in 2001. Rev. Robert Capone became Pastoral Administrator in 2013. 


We the Catholic community of Santiago de Compostela 
Church of the Diocese of Orange, recognize that we share 
the mission of Jesus Christ: 
• To celebrate His Presence among us 
• To be His believing community 
• To proclaim the Word of God 
• To serve God’s people