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Savage House Haunted Attraction

Savage House Haunted Attraction
1640 Camino Del Rio North


"What happened when a facility for the criminally insane was overtaken by the very residents it was designed to contain? The Early Hills Sanatorium was a facility built in the late 1950’s. Designed to house some of the most dangerous and severe cases of violent offenders from across the country. Early Hills Sanitarium, once a state of the art maximum security and rehabilitation center had become an obsolete facility in disrepair. Plagued with faulty medical equipment, questionable methods of treatment, and a population of unstable residents, the sanatorium had evolved in to a ticking time bomb, until finally…."

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Savage House Haunted Attraction 2016

“As an unknown infection sweeps the nation, one company pushes forward in an attempt to find an answer, to contain and stop the spread, and to try and find a cure. S.P. Industries is a government funded laboratory and research facility. It is a…

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