Second Congregational Church of Hartland, Inc.

202 Center Street

Gathered in 1780, West Hartland Congregational has succeeded solely by the Grace of God flowing through its members and friends.

Congregational Christians are Covenantal rather than Creedal. We have no required set of beliefs or doctrine. Instead, we strive to create a Christian culture unique to the local Church, inluding space for personal spiritual exploration and growth.
We hold to the historical Congregational idea that the local Church is complete in itself when Jesus Christ is understood to be its head. We think that Scripture provides the grist for the mills of our spiritual lives. We say that the individual is best opened to God's Grace and love through an environment of freedom and fellowship with others seeking God's Word for us here and now.

We baptize infants, children, and adults in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We remember Christ's sacrifice for us through sharing Communion together on the first Sunday of the month.

We believe that God's love is given to each of us apart from any personal deeds, so nothing can separate us from the love and Grace given to us for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Our membership represents a broad diversity of belief and personality. It isn't always easy, but from each other we learn about God's love, forgiveness, and tolerance for human frailty.