Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

Shaver's Creek Environmental Center
3400 Discovery Road


Shaver's Creek Environmental Center is committed to extending the University's Outreach mission of instruction, service, and research. Through quality programs, we teach, model, and provide the knowledge, values, skills, experiences, and dedication that enable individuals and communities to achieve and maintain harmony between human activities and the natural systems that support all living species.


Our vision is to be an exemplary environmental education and training center known for quality experiential programs that enable people to learn how to live and interact harmoniously and sustainably with each other and the natural world.

Recent News

Shaver's Creek Environmental Center Summer Camp 2015

Schedule of Events:Wee Wonderers CampJuly 28-30, 2015Ages: 4-5 (preschool/kindergarten)This program is for preschoolers and kindergartners. We’ll wander the trails in search of special places and animal friends. As we share stories and art,…

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