Sheridan Memorial Library

5805 South Logan Park Drive

History of  Sheridan Memorial Library
Sheridan Memorial Library, a non-profit 501 (c) (3), was established in 1971 for the purpose of sharing information and promoting literacy, love of reading and lifelong learning experience for all those people living in and around Sheridan.  

In 1971 Sheridan Memorial Library opened its doors with less than 500 donated books.  Today the library collection has expanded to over 9,000 materials. The Sheridan Memorial Library has made information available in a variety of formats, from print to various audio visual materials.  The library computer system provides the opportunity to integrate electronic resources from networks around the world with the resources provided in the library.

The library's first home in 1971 was adjacent to the post office on Highway 90-A.  Later the library moved to the west end of the community center.  Today, the library resides at the east end of the SheridanCommunity Center, across the street from the SheridanElementary School

Sheridan is an unincorporated town that lies 95 miles west of Houston on Highway 90-A in Colorado county.  Sheridan is located between EagleLake and Hallettsville. 

The library is Opened 21 Hours a week, staffed with a certified librarian.  3 Volunteers offer assistance throughout the year.  There is a weekly story hour for pre-schoolers during the school year and for children K-6 grade the library sponsors Texas Reading Club, Summer Reading Program for 6 weeks during the summer. 

The Library has come a long way since 1971, Thanks to our volunteers, patrons, friends of the library, board members, and donations and grant money from, patrons, Sheridan PTS, Sheridan Lion's Club, Tocker Foundation, Trull, Copano, Raymond Dickson Foundation, LCRA Employees' United Charities, and in 2006 we added Exxon/Mobile to our list of generous contributors.