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Simplicity Farm

Simplicity Farm
905 Main Street

Simplicity Farm has been privately owned and operated by the Turner family for 4 generations. The farm has been in the family since 1932. We own 107 acres, the 2 houses and 2 barns. One barn was built in 1840's and is on the national historic building registry. We recently transitioned to a Certified Organic Farm. The transition from conventional farming to organic took 3 years and we borrowed $25,000.00 to get the necessary feed and seed and equipment. Organic feed is more expensive than conventional feed.

We average around 45 milking cows, all are registered Holsteins (meaning they have pedigrees and extensive records). In total, there are approximately 90 cattle of all ages on the farm. We ship milk to Horizon dairy as our regular creamery. We also sell to individuals who bring their own containers to the farm, for $5.00 /gallon. If people are interested, they should come to us between 6:30 and 8:00 am or pm, as that's when we milk the cows. Any other time and it's catch as catch can, because we may have shipped that day and the tank could be empty, or it may be between milking's and there just isn't enough milk to sell.