Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt

496 Western Highway


As vowed women we belong to the larger Dominican Family. We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the spirit and tradition of Saint Dominic, with the charism of our foundress, Mary Ann Sammon. Our Dominican motto to praise, to bless and to preach the Word of God permeates our lives of service, prayer, study and community. We serve in a variety of ministries including social services, pastoral care, medicine and health care, and education.

Belief Statement:

Our Mission is to preach the Good News of the compassionate love of God for each person with a special consciousness and presence to those who are poor and on the margins of society. Our charism is rooted deeply in the Gospel of Jesus and is expressed in our works through compassion, justice, hope and healing.


As Blauvelt Dominicans, our lives are shaped by the four pillars of Dominican tradition: prayer, study, preaching/ministry and common life. These four elements lie at the heart of our spirituality. They encourage contemplation and compel us to intercede on the behalf of those in need. They also encourage us to reflect on God's Word in our lives and to share it with others. As a result, our relationships with one another and with our extended Dominican family work as one to effect the common good.


Prayer brings us into a special relationship with God. It deepens our union with God and provides a way for us to proclaim the Gospel. Our Dominican spirituality is nurtured by attentive listening to God's Word in Scripture; it encourages us to ponder the mystery of God's presence in the Church, as well as in sacraments, nature, persons and human events. Eucharistic celebration is at the heart of our community life. It is a true source of unity for us. Our lives of prayer, celebration and service allow us to share the fruits of our labor with others.


Study has always been a priority in the Dominican family. It helps us explore and discover more effective ways of spreading the Gospel message. As we study God's Word, "Wisdom will nourish us with the bread of understanding and give us the water of learning to drink" (Sir. 15:3). The study of Truth is our Dominican motto and demands an inner silence and discipline that enables each Sister to hear the Word speaking within her.


Preaching is at the heart of the Dominican vocation and our ministry. The injustices of our day force us to place our preaching at the service of the poor and powerless. As Blauvelt Dominicans, we commit ourselves to preach about justice in collaboration with our worldwide Dominican family, and all those with and to whom we minister. Our particular charism as Blauvelt Dominicans is heightened awareness and dedicated support of the people who are poor and marginalized. This charism is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ and is expressed in our ministries through compassion, justice, hope and healing.