Slocum Players at the Sassy Ape Theater

3909 Main Street

We are the Slocum Players, the company formerly known as Slocum House Theatre. We have big plans for great things in our new home.

The theater was the Sassy Dress shop for many years. When that ended it became Ape Over Music. Then it sat empty for a short time. We came along and thought: "If we can turn an old Victorian house into a theater, we can turn this big empty room into a theater!"

We have begun the process and we have hit a few bumps in the road.

We decided to name the theater, the building itself, Sassy Ape Theater. We plan to use the building for more than just live theatre. We are thinking of adding comedy, music, open mic, classes, and so much more.

We, the company, are the Slocum Players.