Sorensons Ranch School

410 North 100 East

Sorenson's Ranch School was founded by Burnell and Carrol Sorenson as a summer camp in 1959 and became a year-round school in 1982.

Sorenson's Ranch School serves students with histories of problems with parents, substance abuse,low or nonexistent self-esteem,learning differences, running away,dropping out of or being expelled from school and extreme mental stress.

The School's philosophy is that all children are potential successes if given the right options.The Sorenson methodology centers around consistency and firmness delivered with love and care.

Working through professional counseling, group counseling and caring staff-student relationship the School aims to help young people function successfully both with their parents and in society. Sorenson's finds its big wilderness setting conducive to its goal of redirecting troubled youths with the open space serving as a deterrent to students with runaway problems and its remote location hindering the availability of controlled substances. Parent involvement is desired but not mandatory.

Sorenson's believes that students provided with a caring atmosphere, high quality instruction, and opportunities to experience success will enjoy and accept responsibility for their own learning. Good self-esteem and appropriate behaviors are promoted by clearly defining expectations and by calling attention to acceptable behavior.

The School's wilderness and work programs instill in its students the values of loyalty, respect, self-worth, personal management, respect for property, cleanliness, and trustworthiness.

Sorenson's is also a licensed residential treatment facility that includes drug and alcohol treatment. A treatment plan is developed for each child. Group counseling sessions and intensive one-on-one time with the Sorenson staff is included.

Sorenson's Ranch School is a family-owned and operated facility accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. It is licensed as a mental health and substance-abuse treatment center with the Utah State Human Services Department and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).