South Britain Congregational Church

693 South Britain Road


In 1670, seventeen families left the church in Stratford to settle along the Pomperaug River. As this settlement grew, this original area known as Woodbury was divided and Southbury was created. The people of the South Britain area petitioned the Connecticut State Assembly in 1761 to have winter services in their community. They indicated that they had to travel from four to seven miles to the Southbury Church over roads that were in bad condition. This request was granted and in 1766 the division from Southbury became permanent. In that year, a new Ecclesiastical Society was formed in South Britain, and the members agreed to meet for two months at the home of Moses Downs.

In 1770 a new Meetinghouse was built. This was replaced by our present 1825 building. Over the years a Parsonage and Parish House were purchased.