South Coast Chorale

P.O. Box 92524


The members of the South Coast Chorale proudly unite to seek a better world for ourselves, our community, and for our nation by sowing the seeds of harmony through the universal language of music.

We sing for ourselves to make glorious music with friends who experience the world as we do and who share our joy in standing together.

We sing for our sisters and brothers in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to embody pride, family, and a sense of home.

We sing for our friends and supporters who join with us to rebuke ignorance and prejudice and teach the community that we are more alike than different.


The mission of the South Coast Chorale is to entertain, educate, connect and uplift audiences and members through music that is distinguished for its diversity and artistic excellence. They seek to empower themselves and their audiences by building bridges, through creativity, between all communal entities.