South Kent School

South Kent School
40 Bull's Bridge Road

Mission Statement :

South Kent School is an independent, college-preparatory school for boys. Since its founding, South Kent has maintained ties with the Episcopal Church. Three principles define the School: simplicity of life, self-reliance, and directness of purpose.

We offer, by living simply, an uncluttered environment for lively and rigorous learning.

We encourage our students to become self-reliant in order to develop competence and self-esteem.

We value directness of purpose: we want each student to welcome the challenge to focus his energies, to set goals, and to work to meet them.

South Kent School fosters these principles in a community, small in numbers, that provides a safe and supportive family structure. We embrace diversity and cherish honesty, courtesy, and compassion. In this energizing atmosphere, we provide leadership opportunities that develop a student's sense of responsibility and service. We nurture in our students, regardless of belief or religious affiliation, a thoughtful engagement with spirituality.